Make your Genoa soccer games even more special with Fresco Edition Genoa CFC!

Fresco is theinnovative cooling bucket that cools your drinks in just 15 minutes, keeping wine, water and all other types of drinks at the ideal serving temperature, for a long time.


How it works

Its internationally patented refrigeration system includes an adapter and 3 specially designed cold accumulators, which perfectly adhere to the bottle and isolate it from the outside, cooling it without the use of ice, thanks to the saline solution inside the containers, which acts as a refrigerant.

Before use, the accumulators should be placed in the freezer for at least 12 hours, and once they return to room temperature, simply place them back in the freezer to be reused, in a practical and environmentally friendly/water-waste-free way.


Why choose Fresco

No more condensation
Fresco requires no ice, greatly reducing the condensation created by contact between the cubes and the glass.

Cool is fast
Not only does it keep already refrigerated bottles cool for a long time, but it also cools drinks to room temperature in no time.

Not afraid of the heat
The ice bucket “works” for a limited duration on hot summer days, Fresco, on the other hand, can cool multiple bottles without having to replace accumulators.

A Made in Italy product
Entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, with an international patent, Fresco is a 100% made in Italy product, a guarantee of quality and durability.

Watchword practicality
Fresco is easily cleaned with a damp nonabrasive cloth and mild detergent, even under running water.

Never again warm wine and warm soft drinks with Fresco!


When to use Fresco

Never give up the pleasure of enjoying your favorite wine and drinks at the perfect temperature, whether during Genoa CFC games or any special occasion.

Fresco is the innovative cooling bucket that allows you to maintain the constant temperature of your bottles, without the use of ice, so you can protect and enhance the organoleptic characteristics of your wine and the unique taste of your favorite beverages.

Choose Fresco for lunches and dinners with friends, even outdoors. You’ll win everyone over with a unique, elegantly designed accessory that allows you to offer good wine at the perfect serving temperature.

Our buckets are the perfect solution to keep your drinks chilled during games and create an even more intense atmosphere while cheering on our beloved Genoa!

Fresco can also be transformed into an elegant decorative accessory in which to arrange candles, flowers, and fruit, and into a perfect gift idea for foodies and lovers of good drinking.

Wine and drinks always at the perfect temperature with Fresco!


Wine, sparkling wine and more…

Fresco can be used to cool and maintain the temperature of any type of bottle with a maximum diameter of 104 mm.
You choose which drink to keep cool!

Prosecco and sparkling wines
Cola and other soft drinks
Iced tea

Who we are

Fresco is a product designed and manufactured by CN Continental, a company in Tortona, AL, that has been in the field of plastics processing for more than 40 years.
CN Continental specializes in camping items, especially cold storage and portable refrigerators, gardening items and plastic garden furniture, which it manufactures and markets under its own brand name in Italy and abroad.

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