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The Contigel moisturising and sanitising gel was born in the midst of the COVID-19 emergency, the result of a collaboration between CN Continental and one of our long-standing customers, Nettuno Srl. a company that has been producing hand care and hygiene products for 50 years.

Contigel is a moisturising lotion with glycerine with bactericidal and virucidal action carried out by didecyldimethylammonium chlor ide and benzalkonium chloride, a mixture of quaternary ammonium salts with antimicrobial action, which are also often used in healthcare for the treatment of certain forms of infection and for the production of detergents for disinfecting rooms and medical instruments.

Contigel does not contain alcohol by company choice, as it can be allergenic and/or irritating after prolonged use, as well as making it flammable and therefore problematic for those who need to store large quantities of the product.

CN Continental bottles and markets the product, which is currently available in different bottle sizes (100, 250, 1000 ml) and in 5-litre cans.

To facilitate product dispensing and make commercial facilities and workplaces safer, along with the lotion we can supply practical contactless wall-mounted dispensers. Battery-powered, they can be installed quickly and without the constraints normally imposed by power-powered devices. The automatic dispenser is compatible with the Contigel 5000(liquid refill).

For more information on this new product, you can write to us using the form at the bottom of each product sheet, or the form on the Contact page.