About us

CN Continental is a company in the Tortona area that has been active in the field of plastics processing for over 40 years.
Located in a logistically advantageous position, it occupies two plants with a total area of 35,000 square metres for production, offices, warehouse and loading area.
Founded in the 1980s on the initiative of Paolo Bisio, CN Continental is now run by his children Pierluigi, Patrizia and Giovanni. A family business that has become a leader in the field of plastics processing by injection moulding and blow moulding, a company that is well known to large retailers and leading wholesalers, importers and industry insiders.

What we do

CN Continental has historically specialised in the manufacture of camping articles, in particular cold storage and portable refrigerators, garden articles and plastic garden furniture, which it produces and markets under its own brand name in Italy and abroad, from Europe to Australia, South Africa and the Americas.

The other soul of the company is devoted to the production of technical articles and components in plastic materials, in particular jerry cans and tanks. The experience gained over the years has allowed CN Continental to forge partnerships with companies and multinationals for the production of technical articles and components destined for the automotive industry, the white goods industry and which find application in various other sectors.

The real strength of CN Continental lies in its ability to allow the customer to realise an idea.
The company is able to offer customer support from design to finalisation of plastic products.

Do you want to talk about a project?

Contact us and tell us about your project. We will be able to assist you in all phases of the work: from design to prototyping, through to the distribution of your product.