Wine cooler bucket

CN Continental produces beverage accessories such as Fresco, the innovative cooling bucket for keeping wine at the right temperature without using ice cubes.
The refrigeration system of this glacette is patented, consisting of a battery of cold accumulators that keep wine, beer, water or any other beverage at the right temperature. When the bucket is no longer refrigerating, the cold accumulators are taken out and placed in the freezer for at least 12 hours so that they can be used again.

The Fresco glacette is a Made in Italy design product covered by an international patent.

Reserve cold accumulators can be purchased in boxes of 12, so that 4 refills are available.
The accumulators have a specific shape that, together with the adapter, reduces the formation of condensation: the bottle inside the bucket always remains in contact with the cold.

Inside the accumulators, the eutectic liquid acts as a cooling element.
This cooling bucket can hold bottles with a maximum diameter of 104 millimetres.

Using the Fresco wine glacette is very easy: simply place the adapter inside the bucket, insert the three already chilled accumulators and then close with the lid.