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Containers for liquids such as water and beverages

CN Continental produces 10 and 15 litre collapsible jerry cans, perfect for camping, hiking, picnics, travelling and outdoor life.
The Ghirba collapsible jerry can is inspired by the ancient leather wineskin: a simple yet original bag for liquids, made of non-toxic materials and ideal for carrying water or other drinks. When not in use, it collapses on itself, becoming space-saving and easy to store.
Ghirba is a line of space-saving and portable water tanks.
We have created an effective water container that is durable, robust, comfortable to use and very compact when folded.

Two different sizes for our collapsible, well-sealed, spill-free canisters to fill with water or other drinks for camping, festivals, events and outdoor activities.
They are soft, space-saving, transparent liquid containers: once empty, they can be folded and stored in the boot or backpack and you always have the liquid level under control.
Thanks to the handle, it is convenient to carry the canister with you: its shape allows it to be both suspended and placed without deforming.
CN Continental's production facilities use the blow-moulding technique to produce robust and versatile liquid containers in lightweight, food-grade plastic that are waterproof and unbreakable.
Foldable, ultra-light and easy to clean: you can roll it up for easy storage and transport, the water canister can be re-used for a long time, whether for drinking or washing where there is no running water.

Inside each product sheet, you will find all the details and technical characteristics, as well as a form to request information.
Please note that we do not sell retail, the minimum order is 1000 pieces.