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Passive or electrically powered portable refrigerators

CN Continental manufactures and sells an entire line of portable refrigerators in different sizes, electrically powered or passive, all with perfect thermal sealing, guaranteed by an insulation-specific expanded polystyrene shell covering the body, corners, bottom and lid. Their sturdy bodies make these travel refrigerators ideal companions for keeping drinks and food cool throughout the day.
Our production of portable refrigerators is divided into:

  • Neve Electra line, portable refrigerators with Peltier cell electric motor that can generate cold or heat inside the box, divided into
    • the Neve Electra Smart Line powered through the car’s power outlet;
    • the Neve Electra Dual Power Line powered through the car’s power outlet or through the home power grid.
  • Passive portable refrigerators that maintain cooling through ice or frozen tiles, perfect for those who want to spend a day with family or friends at the beach, in the mountains, on a boat, fishing, or at an event.