Never pass up an invigorating shower, wherever you are with CUBE!

CUBO is the perfect solution for those who love camping and adventure. This portable shower, allows you to enjoy a hot shower wherever you are.



CUBO is an innovative and versatile camping shower designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience during your outdoor adventures. Due to its black coloring, the water heats up quickly in the sun, providing you with irreplaceable comfort. CUBO is light, practical and indispensable for every hike.



CUBO is lightweight and easy to carry. It can be easily folded and stored in the backpack.

Ease of installation

Handy hook that makes it easy to hang from a branch, stand or any other available anchor point.

Solar heating

It absorbs heat from the sun, allowing the water inside it to heat up quickly. Hot shower even in the midst of nature!

Optimal capacity

The shower tank can hold enough water for a full shower, ensuring a continuous and pleasant flow.

Compact design

The compact and functional design makes CUBO not only practical to use, but also easy to store and transport.

Ease of use

Filling the tank with water and hanging it in the sun is all it takes to have a hot shower ready in no time.

CUBO is not just a camping shower. It is an indispensable tool for all those who enjoy spending quality time outdoors without sacrificing practical comforts.
Lightweight, durable easy to use and store, equipped with all the accessories to quickly provide 15lt of hot water without the use of electricity, CUBO is a reliable companion for all kinds of outdoor adventures.

Hiking in the mountains
At the beach or pool
Grilling and barbecuing
Fishing and hunting

Take the comfort of a hot shower wherever you go with CUBO, your portable solar camping shower!


Who we are

CUBO is a product designed and manufactured by CN Continental, a company in Tortona (AL) that has been in the field of plastics processing for more than 40 years.
CN Continental specializes in camping items, especially cold storage and portable refrigerators, gardening items and plastic garden furniture, which it manufactures and markets under its own brand name in Italy and abroad.

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