Technology and production

CN Continental's production activity is based on 4 technological processes perfectly consolidated and complementary to each other: blow moulding, injection moulding, filling e regeneration.

Extrusion blow moulding

This technology is used to create hollow bodies. 11 continuous extrusion blow moulding machines produce bottles and jerry cans ranging from 0.1 to 20 litres; 10 accumulation head blow moulding machines produce containers of up to 500 litres or technical parts of up to 20 kg.

Injection moulding

Injection moulding produces articles of all shapes and sizes. The company avails of 3 injection moulding machines from 100 to 680 tons.


At CN Continental we also avail of 1 mixing machine and 2 tanks to prepare and store eutectic solutions. The latter are transferred into ice packs and eutectic plates which we produce by means of 2 filling machines: an automatic rotary filling machine with 20 dosers of 3 litres each and one in-line filling machine with 4 dosers with a capacity of 6 litres each.


A grinding and regenerating system allows us to reuse all the plastic leftovers from production, ensuring maximum environmental compatibility of the technology used.

Post production


We are able to carry out different types of processing activities on our products. Activities such as perforating, threading and flaming burrs are carried out by skilled staff or, alternatively, by 2 humanoid robots which have been recently purchased that simulate human arm movements.


Our products are identified by labelling or marking carried out using ink jet printers.
According to the regulations in force, some of our articles (such as Frizet ice packs) show the production lot number. This is an essential piece of information because it ensures traceability of the products intended to come into contact with foods.
The products can also be marked using pad-printing technology.

Component assembly

To provide the customer with a more comprehensive service, we also assemble parts having diverse origins, including components we do not produce.

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