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Our company has always focused on sustainability

CN Continental Receives PRS Green Label 2023

Second Life Plastic Certification from Separate Collection

Plastic Second Life Mix Eco Certification

CN Continental receives Ethical Style by Environment 2024 recognition

Green forever

Our company has considered and cared about sustainability from the very beginning.
We have always put people’s well-being and the protection of the environment first: in fact, on a daily basis we are committed both to enhancing and protecting our human resources and to adopting conscious, eco-compatible production aimed at minimizing environmental impact and optimizing the use of raw materials.

A new material

Our drawing department has always allowed us to adopt in-house circular processing where scrap from processing, is reground and recovered for reuse in new production, all of which minimizes the material to be disposed of. Today, however, we can say that we have taken an extra step.
Our sensitivity to “Green” projects has led us to devise a product line that features a totally environmentally sustainable, recycled and certified material from post-consumer plastics that does not need to be supplemented with new polymers to enable the creation of the artifacts.

Material advantages

This particular 100% environmentally sustainable and recycled material has multiple advantages:

  • High mechanical performance (similar to virgin plastic)
  • Excellent resistance to stress cracking (ESCR)
  • Odor reduction
  • Homogeneous and certified batches
  • High production volumes obtained from autonomous sources