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Payment methods

The website is owned by Cn Continental s.r.l. with registered office in S.S. 35 dei Giovi, 41/a, 15057 Tortona , (AL) ITALY – VAT and CF 01357870060 REA: AL – 155719
The following payment types are available on our site:

  • Paypal: instant credit
  • Payments via credit cards VISA Credit Card, MasterCard and American Express (processed via Stripe secure platform)
    To ensure maximum security for our customers, payments for purchases made by credit card are processed with Digital certification, through secure servers that adopt the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protection system.The payment system we have chosen for our site is Stripe, an international leader in the field of electronic payments. Stripe takes care of encrypting the typed information so that it cannot be intercepted by outside users.
    During payment, the user can enter credit card information within the dedicated section. Card data (number and expiration date) are handled absolutely securely thanks to the strict security protocols of the Stripe platform. The data is then directly sent to the relevant bank, ensuring maximum protection.
    Thanks to the Stripe payment system, the online transaction is totally secure: in fact, no one, not even, can get to know the codes of the Credit Cards used by our customers. The code is used exclusively for the payment transaction. When the payment goes through, confirmation is immediately provided to the customer and only receives a receipt/transaction number from the bank. Credit Card codes do not remain stored in any of our electronic or paper files.
    Once payment is received, confirmation will be sent via email and then the order will be processed.
    In case of cancellation or non-acceptance of the order by, the amount will be refunded by crediting the amount back to the Customer’s card. will not be liable for any damages caused by the cancellation or non-acceptance of the order.
  • Advance bank transfer
    The order confirmation email includes the bank details of Cn Continental s.r.l. to be used to make payment. The Customer must report, between the notes of the accounting, the order reference number.
    To speed up the processing time of the goods, it is advisable to send the accounting including the CRO number by e-mail to
    If the bank transfer is not received within 5 (five) calendar days from the date of order placement, the order will be cancelled without further notice.
    Bank details:
    IBAN: IT48 S 03069 48670 100000101160
    Bank: Intesa San Paolo
    After payment is received, confirmation will be sent via email and the order will then be processed.
    All payments will be made in favor of Cn Continental s.r.l. without any set-off, deduction or other claim by the customer. In case of non-payment of the price due by the customer within 5 days after placing the order, the contract of sale shall be deemed to be terminated as of right pursuant to and for the purposes of Article 1456 of the Civil Code.
  • Transfer via Sofort
    With Sofort, payment is authorized when a customer chooses the Sofort option to pay for an order placed. After authorization, a bank transfer is initiated from the customer’s bank account, which can take 2 to 7 working days to arrive. If the bank transfer is not received within seven (7) calendar days from the date of order placement, the order will be cancelled without further notice. It is not possible to cancel a payment with Sofort after the payment has been authorized. When payment is made through Sofort, the customer cannot request a chargeback for the order. If the customer wishes to use Sofort to pay, the option must be selected at the time of check-out. When Sofort is selected, the customer is redirected to their Sofort account to complete the purchase.