Rigid canisters

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Fuel canisters, gasoline, liquid containers

CN Continental produces a line of approved and certified rigid jerry cans in different sizes, from 5 to 20 liters, using the blow molding technique to produce robust and versatile fuel, gasoline and liquid containers.
The jerry cans include a backflow preventer, which is essential for getting the fuel into the tank.
Our liquid transport containers are made of sturdy plastic with carrying handle.

The CN Continental Self 24 jerry cans are the only ones equipped with a graduated level line, allowing for visual control of the content quantity, and they are an excellent alternative to metal jerry cans. They are approved and certified for the storage and transport of fuels and liquids, rigid, lightweight, and secure, complete with a non-return spout. Additionally, a polyethylene funnel that can be connected to the spout provided with the jerry cans is available.

A product resistant to impacts and durable over time, perfect for outdoor and travel use, available in sizes suitable for any portability need:

  • Made of plastic
  • Equipped with a non-return spout and screw cap
  • Stable transport handle

All product details and technical specifications are provided within each product sheet, along with a form to request information. Please note that we do not sell retail, and the minimum order quantity accepted is 1000 pieces.