Watering cans

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6-, 9- and 12-liter plastic watering cans

CN Continental manufactures and sells 6-, 9-, and 12-liter plastic watering cans.
Three durable models that are perfect for being able to withstand the outdoors for a long time without being ruined, rusted, and weathered.
Watering cans consist of a reservoir with a capacity that varies depending on the model, a handle that makes them convenient to carry, and a spout for spilling water. Choose the category you are interested in for more information.

The plastic watering cans manufactured by CN Continental range from a minimum capacity of 6 liters to a model that reaches a capacity of 12 liters.

These are useful tools for gardening enthusiasts, whether they have a small space like a balcony or need to take care of large planters, pots, vegetable gardens, and gardens.

They feature an ergonomic design, are made of high-quality plastic, and, upon request, can also be produced in a version made of certified eco-friendly plastic, 100% recycled and sourced from post-consumer plastic.

One distinctive feature of these watering cans is that their perforated rose, which facilitates water distribution, can be anchored to the spout of the watering can in a protected position.

As with all our products, the minimum order quantity is 1000 pieces, as we do not sell retail.