Cold storage tanks, cool boxes, rigid and collapsible canisters

CN Continental manufactures and sells camping, outdoor, hiking solutions.
Camping coolers, camping refrigerators, rigid and collapsible canisters: all kinds of camping accessories, equipment for camping, campers, caravans or caravans, and general outdoor living.
A catalog of products for camping supply retailers. Choose the category you are interested in for more information.

At CN Continental, we manufacture and sell high-performance products for outdoor living and camping:

  • A range of cold accumulators from the Frizet line, cooling elements available in 6 different types, shapes, and sizes made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). We handle both the container and the eutectic liquid used to fill the cooling elements.
  • A line of coolers or portable electric or passive refrigerators, available in small and large sizes.
  • Various sizes of jerry cans or liquid containers, featuring a graduated control line to monitor the content and equipped with a non-return spout, essential for fuels.
  • Innovative collapsible jerry cans for water and food liquids, made of non-toxic material, convenient for storage and transportation.

    All technical specifications are provided within each product category.
    Please note that we do not sell retail, and the minimum order quantity is 1000 pieces.