Umbrella bases

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Plastic umbrella bases

CN Continental manufactures and markets a line of umbrella stands perfect for terraces and gardens. Umbrella stands are universal, fit any type of umbrella, and can be filled with water or sand.
Find different types of umbrella stands, umbrella supports or umbrella bases on our site, with different capacities, for more or less open spaces and more or less heavy umbrellas.
These supports are of superior quality and have a special design of grafts and ferrules and excellent stability.
The coupling is threaded and is not attached to the base with the classic bayonet system, but screwed to the base, which provides greater stability. Our ferrule has reinforced fins that clamp the umbrella pole in a vise, ensuring its attachment.

The CN Continental umbrella bases are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to ensure mechanical robustness and resistance to atmospheric agents. Our bases can accommodate poles with diameters ranging from 18 to 50 mm and, when filled with water or water and sand, can reach a weight exceeding 100 kg.

All models can be customized: in addition to standard colors, we can produce bases in different colors upon customer request. Some of our umbrella bases feature a handle for transportation or a wheel for ease of movement.

Our umbrella supports are:

  • Safe, as they prevent the umbrella from flying away in the wind and securely fix it in place
  • Adjustable, as they can be filled with water or sand to achieve the appropriate weight
  • Aesthetic, as they are not only functional but also visually appealing
  • Practical, thanks to the transport handle
  • Stable, even in windy conditions

All product details and technical specifications are provided within each product sheet, along with a form to request information. Please note that we do not sell retail, and the minimum order quantity accepted is 1000 pieces.