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Looking for a partner to implement your project?

Learn about our services: contract molding, design and prototyping, warehouse storage, and product customization.


We have been working with CN Continental for several years and have established a very good relationship with the owners as well. The products are of excellent quality, and when required, the after-sales service and support are also excellent.

Mark Tabone


Contract services

Assistance and advice from the early stages of design to the production of plastic products

Contract molding

Our company has always been engaged in contract manufacturing of blown containers and components for industrial use.

We have a fleet of blow molding machines capable of producing containers up to 500 liter capacity and technical items up to 20 kg in weight, as well as injection molding presses for plastics molding up to 680 tons.

Working for years with high-profile clients, we have gained deep experience in the production of plastic items for various fields: in the automotiveindustry, the white goods industry, agriculture, cosmetics and many others.

The raw materials we use are mainly polyolefins, such as polyethylene and polypropylene, but also technopolymers such as ABS and polyamides.


Design and prototyping

We accompany the customer throughout the entire process, starting from initial ideas, through development stages such as feasibility study, 3D prototype and pilot mold making, final mold construction, to mass production and delivery.
We regularly do routine maintenance on the molds stored on site by us to ensure good preservation and perfect operation. For extraordinary maintenance, however, we rely on contracted workshops we trust.
Over time, we have designed and built all the necessary equipment for the production of components and finished products such as:

  • car seats
  • tanks
  • containers for liquids and powders
  • hydrocarbon tanks
  • food canisters
  • eutectic plates
  • disabled toilet seat lift
  • plastic items for the marine industry.

Can we work together? Contact us and tell us about your project.


Warehouse storage

Over time, we have repeatedly received requests from our customers to stock products to provide them with coverage in case of extraordinary needs.

For this, we can provide an area of 12,000 square meters of covered warehouse and 18,000 square meters of uncovered yard.

Thanks to the cooperation of our qualified staff and the use of state-of-the-art equipment, goods remain stored neatly, cleanly and rationally.


Product customization

With our customization service, we can modify the products in our catalog according to your needs. An ideal solution that allows you to have a customized product without investing in new equipment and be able to resell it under your own brand name. All our products can be customized by modifying:

Engravings and inscriptions
EAN code

How it works

Here’s how we can help you with the realization of your product:


Feasibility study

Let's analyze your idea together to assess its feasibility.

Project implementation

Thanks to our design studio, we turn your idea into a project

Construction of production equipment

Having defined the project with all its variables we make the equipment for production

Mass production

We start mass production of the product ensuring the highest quality standards


Qualified personnel provide their expertise in product logistics management.

Are you interested in customization services?
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Do you want to carry out a project?

Contact us and tell us about your project. We will know how to assist you in all phases of the work: from design to prototyping to distribution of your product.