Cold accumulators

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Frizet ice cakes in 6 types

A range of cold accumulators from the Frizet line, refrigerated eutectic plates in 6 types, different shapes and sizes made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). CN Continental takes care of both the container and the eutectic liquid with which the cooler plates are filled.
Our ice tiles can be customized with label, color and overlay graphics. The ideal solution for those who want to make their own, 100% original cold accumulator without the cost of making an entire mold.

These eutectic plates, practical and reusable multiple times, are perfect for cooling the inside of cooler bags and thermal containers, acting as portable ice without compressing the contents. They are ideal for cooling lunch boxes, beverages, and medications.

These ice packs can be used for many years, potentially indefinitely, without losing their cooling power. Frizet cold accumulators maintain the same efficiency in each of the available sizes: T200, T350, T500, T100, TL6, TBF.

Made with non-toxic materials, they are certified for contact with food and to keep them fresh for over 12 hours.

All the details and technical specifications are provided within each product sheet, along with a form to request information. Please note that we do not sell retail, and the minimum order quantity is 1000 pieces.