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Shipping charges for the full range of products offered by are always calculated at the order completion stage.

Express shipping
We ship exclusively by Express Courier, undoubtedly the most reliable of the various shipping services.

We take utmost care of the shipment in order to provide the highest quality of service. All products are shipped inside their original packaging. They are often placed inside a second box if the first box is not sufficient to protect the contained item, with additional shockproof padding (air cushions) added.

Shipping on pallet
For all products weighing more than 25 kg, their packaging is generally fixed on top of a wooden platform. This is more likely to preserve its integrity during sorting and transportation (of the product but also of the packaging) and prevents the product from being turned upside down by the courier during transport. It will also simplify the return or withdrawal process once the product is received, making repacking easier and the return transport equally safe.

Shipping time
We ship within 1-2 business days domestically and within 3-4 business days abroad from the date of receipt of payment, unless otherwise indicated on the product page of the purchased product.

Tracked Shipments
Tracking is sent to the user’s email address at the time of shipment to constantly check on developments. Constantly check your inbox once you have completed the transaction from our site.

Courier delays in delivery
Remember that couriers are not always as accurate as they should be. In 90% of cases they meet the above timeframe. In a smaller percentage of shipments, on the other hand, couriers may make delays. The customer who makes the purchase does so aware of this. We recommend always purchasing a few days in advance to prevent the occurrence of these circumstances from somehow affecting the recipient’s needs.