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Passive or electrically powered portable refrigerators

CN Continental manufactures and sells an entire line of portable refrigerators in different sizes, electrically powered or passive, all with perfect thermal sealing, guaranteed by an insulation-specific expanded polystyrene shell covering the body, corners, bottom and lid. Their sturdy bodies make these travel refrigerators ideal companions for keeping drinks and food cool throughout the day.
Our production of portable refrigerators is divided into:

  • Neve Electra line, portable refrigerators with Peltier cell electric motor that can generate cold or heat inside the box, divided into
    • the Neve Electra Smart Line powered through the car’s power outlet;
    • the Neve Electra Dual Power Line powered through the car’s power outlet or through the home power grid.
  • Passive portable refrigerators that maintain cooling through ice or frozen tiles, perfect for those who want to spend a day with family or friends at the beach, in the mountains, on a boat, fishing, or at an event.

All portable refrigerators, both those from the Neve Electra Line and passive ones, feature an essential and robust design, boasting high thermal stability, making them perfect for sports and travel.

Electric travel frigoboxes are equipped with a lid containing a Peltier cell electric motor capable of producing cold or hot temperatures, powered by the car’s power outlet (such as the cigarette lighter) or the household electrical grid.

Passive refrigerators, on the other hand, operate without electricity: they isolate their contents from external temperatures and require cold accumulators or ice tiles to refrigerate their contents.

All refrigerator boxes, ranging from 18 to 37 liters in capacity, are very solid and easy to handle, making them portable for leisure or work, whenever there is a need to keep water, food, and beverages fresh for a long time. Some travel refrigerators are sold in sets to optimize loads and reduce transportation costs, making them perfect for promotional sales: for example, two refrigerators of different sizes, with the smaller one inserted inside the larger one. Additionally, different types of products such as fridge boxes, jerry cans, and cold accumulators of various sizes can be combined.

All product details and technical specifications are indicated inside each product sheet, along with a form to request information. Please note that we do not sell retail, and the minimum order quantity accepted is 1000 pieces.