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CN Continental umbrella bases are made of high-density polyethylene(HDPE) to ensure mechanical strength and weather resistance. Our bases can accommodate poles between 18 and 50 mm in diameter and, filled with water or water and sand, reach a mass of about 30 kg. If it is true that quality can be recognized by the details, then it will be enough to notice the special design of grafts and ferrules to know that our umbrella bases are of superior quality. The coupling is threaded and is not attached to the base with the classic bayonet system. Screwed to the base, it ensures greater stability. Our ferrule has reinforced fins that clamp the umbrella pole in a vise, ensuring its attachment.
All models can be customized. In addition to standard colors, we are able to make bases in different colors at the customer’s request.


Available colors
White          Anthracite
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