NEVE T30 Electra Dual Power 12/220-240V

CN Continental manufactures and markets a wide range of portable refrigerators in various sizes, both passive and with electric motor.
Thermal sealing is provided by an insulation-specific expanded polystyrene shell that completely insulates the contents. Not only the body, but also the corners, bottom and lid are perfectly insulated, ensuring high thermal stability.
La Neve Electra line Dual Power is equipped with a lid with a Peltier cell electric motor, which can produce cold or heat inside the box. Power, 12V or 220 V., can be supplied from a regular car socket (such as a cigarette lighter) or from the household mains.
Some of our items are sold in sets, a solution created to meet the need of partners and distributors to optimize loads and reduce the incidence of transportation costs. Combinations also have their own commercial value. Our sets lend themselves very well to promotional-type sales.
The classic combo consists of two refrigerator boxes of different sizes, where the smaller one (Gelo T18) is placed inside the larger size (Gelo T28). There can be many combinations involving different types of products: cool boxes, canisters, and cold storage tanks of different sizes.

Available colors
Light gray (body) / Gray (lid)

Single | Triple

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