Watering can 9 liters

A new range of plastic watering cans, practical and sturdy. Produced in three sizes (6, 9, 12 liters), the watering cans CN Continental are suitable for watering flowers or potted plants, vegetable gardens, and gardens. The main features of our watering cans are: ergonomic design For convenient use, high quality molding For articles free of imperfections and plastic burrs, premium materials To ensure a long service life. All of our watering cans are equipped with. pierced escutcheon To facilitate water distribution. A unique and unmistakable detail is the system of anchoring the rosette to the neck of the watering hole. Clipped securely to the water outlet pipe in a protected position, it is virtually impossible to lose.

This product is also available upon request in a version made from certified environmentally sustainable, recycled, post-consumer plastic.
Learn more about our line of environmentally sustainable products.

Available colors
Gray Green (eco-friendly line)
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